AHF: Present and future

Current goals and treatment

  • American College of Cardiology Foundation/American Heart Association (ACCF/AHA) guidelines classify hospitalization for acute HF as: "a sentinel prognostic event in the course of many patients with HF, with a high risk for recurrent hospitalization (eg, 50% at 6 months) and a 1-year mortality rate of approximately 30%"1
  • ACCF/AHA guidelines stress the importance of evaluating myocardial injury in AHF events, using biomarkers such as troponins1
  • No Class I, level of evidence A therapies have been identified for the treatment of acute decompensation of HF1
Current ACCF/AHA recommendations for therapies in the hospitalized HF patient

HFrEF=heart failure with reduced ejection fraction; GDMT=guideline determined medical therapy.

There remain areas of significant unmet need in the treatment of acute heart failure2


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